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Shipping Custom Probiotics

Shipping of Custom Probiotics During the Summer 

Several of our patients have expressed concerns about the shipment of the Custom Probiotics product CP-1 during the summer. Since the general advice for probiotics is to keep the product refrigerated, we at Waller Wellness understand your concerns.

Given these concerns, we reached out to Harry Bronozian, the chemist and owner of Custom Probiotics. Harry has extensive experience with probiotics, having started his company in 1999 and since then becoming the most respected brand in the business.

Here is what we found through our discussion:

  • Custom Probiotics ships products year-round from Glendale, California, all over the world, unrefrigerated. This includes “hot” climates such as South Africa, Israel, and several countries in the Middle East. These shipments take weeks instead of the days we experience here in Michigan and are often at much higher sustained temperatures.
  • Custom Probiotics products are “over-designed” and are guaranteed a minimum potency even with shipping and any loss of potency due to age or temperature. Initial packaging is approximately 80 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units), which allows them to guarantee 60 Billion CFUs at time of expiration and will allow for any potential loss.
  • From the Custom Probiotic website, regarding leaving the product out of the refrigerator, they state: “The loss is very minimal. We have done two-year temperature stability testing on it. We overdesign our probiotics so that the loss will not affect the potency indicated on the label. One can travel with our probiotics for 2-3 weeks without refrigeration. It is best however to keep probiotics refrigerated for optimum potency.”
  • Recently Custom Probiotics received back a package sent to South Africa that was “undeliverable”. Given it had traveled the world for 4 months through hot climates, they decided to send the product to a laboratory for testing and found that the product sustained a high level of potency even after travel.
  • He assured us that his products will not be negatively impacted by shipping conditions during the summer or from sitting in a mailbox on a hot afternoon.

Given the above, we are confident that you will receive the high-quality product that you have come to expect from Waller Wellness, even during the elevated temperatures of the summer. Our practices will be as follows:

  • As recommended by Custom Probiotics, we refrigerate all their probiotic supplements upon receiving them to maintain optimum potency
  • We encourage you to refrigerate your products when you receive them
  • There are no concerns if you travel with your product for two or three weeks
  • The minimal exposure to higher temperatures does not warrant extra precautions such as using freezer bricks 

We hope this clarifies any concern regarding the shipping of Custom Probiotics products!